​Established in 1948 Hilltop Slate has been providing the very finest roof slate available from the Vermont Slate and New York Slate regions. The Hilltop Slate name is synonymous with a Vermont Slate Roof due to their incredible slate deposits and very fine quality controls.

​It is undeniable that natural stone is the oldest and most durable of building components.

From the most ancient of structures to the most majestic cathedrals ever built have been constructed with natural stone.

Whether you are interested in a slate roof or dimensional stone cladding Rondavel extensively researches quarries to be certain our clients receive the highest grade natural stone from the finest regions available and we are proud to bring to our clients these selections.

​Welsh Slate is world renown for it's quality and durability. The Penrhyn quarry has been the focal point for slate roofing since the 13th century. When the highest quality slate roof is desired then a slate from Wales is an excellent choice.

​From the remarkable Laurelbrook quarries of Eastern Tennessee, Appalachian Stone produces the most majestic stone available in tan-brown and blue-gray. These dimensional sandstone products are considered by many to be the most durable available in the eastern U.S.A.

​Since 1890 the Loukonen family has been quarrying sandstone around Lyons, Colorado. The Lyons Red and Colorado Buff sandstones are regarded as the finest dimensional stone available.

​Buckingham Slate was discovered over 200 years ago and quickly became known throughout the world as the finest roof slate. James River Slate Co. located in Arvonia, Virginia sits upon the finest deposit of Buckingham Slate available.