​Throughout the world it is commonly known to Re-use, Reclaim and then Recycle the naturally exceptional building components used in construction. 

This is a practice that is only just beginning to gain any traction in the U.S.A.

​Fortunately, much like our European counterparts, at Rondavel we understand that it is wasteful to simply dispose of a clay tile roof, a slate roof or a dimensional stone wall. These high quality products will often last centuries and due to misinformation are commonly placed in the local landfill when there are many, many years of life still left in the products.

​At Rondavel we keep a large quantity and an even larger database of these products available from the industry for repairs and restoration of these systems that will easily last centuries if proper care is taken.

​We encourage the artisans and the industry to re-use whenever possible, to let us reclaim the material for other projects when we are able and to recycle these naturally exceptional materials when all else fails.

​Natural Clay Roof Tile, Natural Roof Slate and Dimensional Stone should never end up in the landfill.