​Tradition, nobility, quality and respect for the environment are the principals which drive the Verea family in the manufacturing of excellent clay roof tile near La Coruna Spain.

Traditional clay roof tile was made by hand and Redland carries on this tradition with hand finished engobes and mud washes to produce a beautiful finish suitable for clients in our more tropical climates.

​Since 1899 the Borja family has been producing the finest clay roof tile in Europe from their facilities near Alicante Spain. Five generations have continued the tradition and passion for manufacturing unique and timeless clay roof tile.

​The earliest recorded use of naturally fired clay tile being used as roofing material has been disputed among historians but there is one thing for certain clay tile roofing has been in use for thousands of years. 

Structures still standing in ancient cities throughout the world still have their tile roofs protecting them from the elements and the constant destruction of time.

We have in the last few hundred years experienced some improvements in the production and installation of these natural clay tile roof products but much of the clay tile roof remains the same as it did back in Babylon which speaks volumes to the durability of this naturally exceptional product.

Listed here are some of the finest clay roof tile manufacturers in the world and Rondavel is proud to present them to you.

​Amelio Del Buffa's dream of producing exceptional artisanal clay building components began in 1953 near Florence, Italy. Solava is renowned for it's authentic Tuscan Italian Cap and Pan clay roof tile.

​Terreal is one of the largest producers of clay products in the world. Located near Paris, France Terreal manufactures structural and architectural building components.

​Since 1888 Ludowici has been producing one of the highest quality clay roof tiles available in the world. From their facility in New Lexington, U.S.A. this tradition continues.