​The Wire Works, Inc. has been creating fasteners exclusively for clay tile and slate roof materials since 1985. Whether your design demands Brass, Copper or Stainless Steel The Wire Works can create the proper fastener, tie, slate clip, tile clip, hurricane clip, speed clip or just about any other item your installation will require to keep the clay tile roof or slate roof mechanically fastened for a century.


​Traditional building construction is quickly becoming a lost art and the trades who used to commonly produce these wonderful feats of skill are now becoming few and far between.

You will often see an artisan of their craft with very different tools and methods. It is because a true artisan will understand the difference between an "over the counter tool" and a "tool of the craft".

At Rondavel we understand the difference and we know a project cannot be completed without the right accessories and tools. Here we have gathered together the right specialty accessories for installing all of the products we represent and the proper tools required by the artisans who produce the finished applications.